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Short piece of vintage sounding groove music composed to make your promo video or presentation funkier. In this track you can hear funky electric guitars, groovy beats, brass section, flute riffs and Hammond organ licks.

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Emotional and uplifting piano driven piece, suitable for wedding videos, family photo slideshows, inspirational corporate presentations, film scenes and more. In ‘Precious Dreams’ you can hear inspirational piano lines and bright positive melody.


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music by Guitarsstate:

video by Harry Baruch: (licensed under creative commons)


'Riding The Wave' is soothing and soulful track great for documentaries, underwater footages and more. In this track you can hear jazzy guitars, deep bass line and hip hop beats. 

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Very energetic groovy track with heavy beats, distorted bass line and lots of electronic sounds. The track is suitable for action sequences, extreme sports videos, presentations, intros, promo videos and many more.

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3 catchy, old school funk tracks with a lot of positive energy that can be used as a background in a promotional video, film scene, documentaries etc. All 3 tracks are composed by guitarsstate, top selling author at

Track list:

1. ‘That funky Feeling’ -

2. ‘Funk Background’ -

3. ‘Old School Funk Grooving’ -

4. Full Collection -

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